January 3, 2015

Second Trumpet

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Revelation Ch. 8:
8 Then the 2nd angel sounded:

And something like a GREAT MOUNTAIN BURNING withFIRE
was thrown into the sea,
and a 1/3 of the SEA became BLOOD.
9 And a 1/3 of the LIVING CREATURES in the sea DIED,
and a 1/3 of the SHIPS were DESTROYED.

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2nd Trumpet Instructions & Encouragement from YHWH!
Something Like a Great Mountain Burning with Fire

Thrown into the Sea

◄ 1/3rd ►

1/3 Occurs 11x's in Trumpet 1-6, Increasing to 100% in 7th Trumpet WRATH

Use of 1/3rd in the Bible

1/3 Sea Turned to Blood
1/3 Sea Creatures Died
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