Revelation Chapter 1 & 22 Repeated Words Comparison – God’s REPEATED Opening & Concluding Words

Revelation Chapter 1 & 22 Repeated Words Comparison!

How Important do you think are God's REPEATED words in the Opening & Concluding Words of Revelation?

If God opens and closes the Book of Revelation theĀ Same way, we should probably pay more than usual attention!

There are over 30 REPEATED words, phrases and/or instructions at the Beginning and End of Revelation.

This Chart is designed to visually see these similarities, REPEATED words and phrases that God EMPHASIZES comparing Revelation 1:1-11 with 22:6-21.

The ending of Revelation REINFORCES what was said in the beginning.

Revelation begins and ends in REPETITION and theĀ content of the book confirms the thesis.
As Revelation REPEATS in the opening words as well as concluding:

May you be "BLESSED," READING, HEARING & KEEPING "the words of this prophesy!

Rev 1:3, 22:7 & 9

This Chart was also featured in an live weekly In depth Bible study Study on the Book of Revelation Chapter 1.

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