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All 7 Seals in Matthew 24 & The Song of Moses Sung at Deuteronomy 32 & Re-Sung at Revelation 15:3! – God Tells us 3 Times!!!

The 7 Seals of Revelation are a REPEAT! All 7 Seals are in Matthew Ch. 24 & The “Song of Moses!” God Tells us 3 Times!!! The “Song of Moses” Sung at Deuteronomy 32 is the 1st place YHWH Mentions ALL 7 Seals. Jesus words at Matthew 24 is the 2nd Place that Mentions ALL[…]

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Revelation Chapter 1 & 22 Repeated Words Comparison – God’s REPEATED Opening & Concluding Words

Revelation Chapter 1 & 22 Repeated Words Comparison! How Important do you think are God’s REPEATED words in the Opening & Concluding Words of Revelation? If God opens and closes the Book of Revelation the Same way, we should probably pay more than usual attention! There are over 30 REPEATED words, phrases and/or instructions at the[…]

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