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All 7 Seals in Matthew 24 & The Song of Moses Sung at Deuteronomy 32 & Re-Sung at Revelation 15:3! – God Tells us 3 Times!!!

The 7 Seals of Revelation are a REPEAT! All 7 Seals are in Matthew Ch. 24 & The “Song of Moses!” God Tells us 3 Times!!! The “Song of Moses” Sung at Deuteronomy 32 is the 1st place YHWH Mentions ALL 7 Seals. Jesus words at Matthew 24 is the 2nd Place that Mentions ALL[…]

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5th Seal – When God “Judges” & “Avenges” Martyr’s Blood

  In the 5th Seal, the “slain” “souls” “under the Altar” ask God, “HOW LONG Sovereign Lord until you JUDGE & AVENGE our BLOOD?” Revelation 6:10 YHWH Directly Answers their Question on Judgment in Vial 2 & 3, & and Answers the 2nd part of their Question in the 7th Vial where He “Avenges” their“BLOOD.”[…]

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