Loadicea – Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-reference – 7 Churches of the Book of Revelation

LAODICIA Study Guide & Cross Reference! “Lukewarm” “Spit you out of My Mouth” Claims to be”Rich” & Prosperous “Wretched, Pitiable, Poor, Blind & Naked” “Gold Refined in the Fire” “White Robes” “Love” = “Reproof & Discipline” Download Image Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Pinterest Share on Email LAODICIA Study[…]

Philadelphia – Study Guide and Scriptural Cross-reference – 7 Churches of the Book of Revelation

PHILADELPHIA Study Guide & Cross Reference! “Key of David” “Open Door” “Little Power” “Kept my word” “Lying” “Jews” – “Synagogue of Satan” “Hour of Trial” “New Jerusalem” Download Image PHILADELPHIA Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-Reference Philadelphia Revelation Chapter 3:7-13 Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-reference 7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: ‘The[…]

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Thyatira – 7 Churches – Scriptural Interpretation – Picture Gallery & Virtual Map

THYATIRA Study Guide & Cross Reference! “Jezebel” False “Prophetess” “Deep things of Satan” “Eating Foods Sacrificed to Idols” “Practicing Sexual Immorality” “Time to Repent” “Authority Over Nations” “Morning Star” Download Image   THYATIRA Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-Reference Thyatira Revelation Chapter 2:18-28 Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-reference 18 “And to the angel of the church[…]

Pergamum – Sexual Immorality – Satan’s Throne – Food Sacrificed to Idols – Scriptural Interpretation – Picture Gallery & Virtual Map!

PERGAMUM Study Guide & Cross Reference! “Satan’s Throne” “Antipas” “Killed” “Teaching of Balaam” “Eating Foods Sacrificed to Idols” “Practicing Sexual Immorality” “White Stone” “Hidden Manna” ??? Download Image PERGAMUM Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-Reference Pergamum Revelation Chapter 2:12-17 Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-reference 12 “And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: Each[…]

Smyrna – Be Faithful to Death! – Scriptural Cross-Reference – Picture Gallery & Virtual Map

SMYRNA Study Guide & Cross Reference! “Poor” yet “Rich!” “Do Not Fear” “Be Faithful to Death” “Prison” “Tested” “Synagogue of Satan” “Blasphemy” & “Slander” of Fake & Lying “Jews” “Second Death” Download Image SMYRNA Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-Reference SMYRNA Revelation Chapter 2:8-11 Study Guide & Scriptural Cross-reference 8 “And to the angel of the[…]

Ephesus – God REQUIRES your Best! – 7 Churches – Scriptural Cross-Reference -Picture Gallery & Virtual Map!

EPHESUS Study Guide & Cross Reference! Fantastic qualities BUT… “Abandoned 1st Love” “Do the 1st Works” “Cannot bear those who are Evil” Testing “False” “Apostles” “Tree of Life” God Requires your Best! – Your 1st Love EPHESUS – Video on this content: Links to the 7 Letters to the 7 Churches: 7 Churches & Book[…]

Revelation Chapter one,Revelation Chapter 22,Comparison,Repeated Words,Blessed,Happy,Read,Keep,Do,Hear,Jesus Christ,Revelation,Book of Revelation

Revelation Chapter 1 & 22 Repeated Words Comparison – God’s REPEATED Opening & Concluding Words

Revelation Chapter 1 & 22 Repeated Words Comparison! How Important do you think are God’s REPEATED words in the Opening & Concluding Words of Revelation? If God opens and closes the Book of Revelation the Same way, we should probably pay more than usual attention! There are over 30 REPEATED words, phrases and/or instructions at the[…]