December 25, 2017

Celebrating The Feast of Trumpets & its Fulfillment in the Book of Revelation! -Yom Teruah – Blasting – Shouting

Celebrating the Feast of Trumpets Fulfillment in Revelation!

The Book of Revelation is the Feast of Trumpets!
Fulfilled in the 7 Trumpets when at the 7th Trumpet YHWH’s Kingdom begins to reign! Rev 11:15-17

The Book of Revelation is YHWH’s Feast or Day of Atonement!
The 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets & 7 Bowls of Wrath ALL Describe YHWH’s Process of Atoning for “His Land & His People.” Deut 32:43 NIV

The Book of Revelations’ GOAL is the Feast of Tabernacles!
The GOAL of ALL Believers is for YHWH to “TABERNACLE” or “DWELL” with them without death for Eternity! Rev 21:3, 7:15.

The Word Trumpet appears 92 Times in the Torah & Biblical Prophets & 20 Times in the New Testament & the Book of Revelation.

This page will take you to All these occurrences & show how the Feast of Trumpets is Ultimately Fulfilled in the 7 Trumpets of Revelation! 

Video on Celebrating Feast of Trumpets Fulfillment in Revelation

YHWH's 7 Holy Days / Appointed Times INTRODUCTION

Leviticus Ch 23 - YHWH's 7 Feasts

Scriptures on Keeping YHWH's Feasts During the 1,000 year Reign!

The Feast of Trumpets Instructions at Leviticus Ch 23 & Numbers Ch 29
Trumpet Occurs 14 Times in Revelation

Trumpets in Exodus

Trumpets Blown on Day of Atonement - Jubilee - Fulfilled in Revelation

Trumpets in Numbers

Trumpets in Joshua

Trumpets in Judges

Trumpets in 1st & 2nd Samuel

Trumpets in 1st & 2nd Kings

Trumpets in 1st & 2nd Chronicles

Trumpets in Ezra

Trumpets in Nehemiah

Trumpets in Job

Trumpets in Psalms

Trumpets in Isaiah - WRATH

Trumpets in Jeremiah

Trumpets in Ezekiel - Watchman

Trumpets in Hosea

Trumpets in Joel

Trumpets in Amos

Trumpets in Zephaniah

Trumpets in the New Testament excluding Revelation