August 1, 2013

1st Seal – Scriptural Interpretation – Picture Gallery & Virtual Map! – 7 Seals of the Book of Revelation

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Revelation Ch. 6:2

He who sat on it had a BOW; & a CROWN was given to him,
& he went out CONQUERING & to CONQUER.” 

This page Identifies Jesus Christ as the Rider on the White Horse listing 29 Scriptural References.
Those Falsely Claiming the Rider on the White Horse is Anti-Christ, have -0- Zero -0- scriptures to back up their opposite, demonic, divorced from the scriptures, blasphemy!

Psalms Ch 45 is the Biblical Source for the 1st Seal!
White Horses appear 3 TIMES in Revelation.
Where & What are His Arrows?
Scriptures where YHWH or Jesus has a Bow, Arrows or Sword
Scriptures where Jesus has a Rod of Iron.
Scriptures where Jesus has a SWORD connected with His MOUTH!
Scriptures where Jesus uses a SICKLE and a WINEPRESS!

7 Seals Videos

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